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2. SAM, LEAH, AND KATIE. CONTACT ME AT SOME POINT ABOUT THE INFO YOU NEED. The sooner that's done, the sooner Phase II can begin. I.E. actually using this new system.

3. All of the links and entries in apurgatorium's info page have been updated. If an entry was changed, the link now points to the new location - they're out of order if you visit the community, because you can't back-date in shared journals... Oh well. They are in numerical order now in the info, though. So if you notice the order has changed but still looks... weird - it's because they're in order by the number in the subject line. ALSO NEW LOCATIONS MEAN YOU HAVE TO TRACK THE ENTRY AGAIN, IF YOU WERE TRACKING IT BEFORE.

4. I apologize for all of the spam. I happened to get my head together this weekend for ALL OF THIS, and since there isn't much to read IC wise, I thought I'd ... make up for that, by being me.


6. You know how months ago I made polls, and said popular vote would determine the next plot? Yeah well, as you can see other plots have taken over. I like to average one or two a month, so to keep from overloading everyone (*Looks at June*) Uh, those other plots have been put on hold until further notice. They have NOT been forgotten about, they've just been dismissed to the back burner for the time being. I'll be picking from there when the plot well dries up a bit, but that might not be for a few more months... So if anyone was wondering about that, that's your answer.

7. Use the post Suu made. Seriously, guys.

8. ANYONE THAT DOESN'T USE THE PROPER FORMAT FOR UPDATING LISTS WILL NOW HAVE TO RE-DO THEIR OWN COMMENTS. I like things being uniform, okay? There are about 70 examples in the Taken Characters list to show you how to post. I should not have three members who have been here MONTHS posting their new characters with lowercase letters in the name. Correcting one or two is one thing, but when three people do it and they all apped two chars that's six in one sitting. I'm not naming names but YOU BETTER ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE. If you don't follow the format correctly the first time, you will be asked to edit your submission until it is correct.

9. I don't think I have a nine. Oh wait, yes I do. Comment this post that you read it. They're quick little blurbs, it's not that hard to read. Any questions you have, let me know. I'm glad to explain anything that doesn't make sense I KNOW NOT EVERYTHING I SAY IS IN PROPER ENGLISH.

10. Everyone reading this from home, after having spent the weekend away or at Otakon - welcome home. ♥

*Goes to bed*


Activity Check


So, activity check.

The strikes on everyone have been wiped clean and we're starting over. That means everyone on this AC is only on their first strike, however we're working on a two strike basis, rather than three, right now. Due to how much time everyone has had to post with no Activity Check, if you're on this one and then again on the next one, you will be removed due to inactivity.

I realize that some people were on hiatus, but it's well past the date they posted, so unless a new hiatus has been made, they're still on the list.

Also, I know some people spoke to me about dropping characters, but without an official drop, you're on the list.

Please officially hiatus or drop your characters if you can't - or are unwilling to - post them within the next week.

Make sure all drops are done correctly, commenting to the Taken and Friend Add/Remove pages.


Feb. 18th, 2009

If you're still a member of apurgatorium, please rejoin both purgatorium_ooc, purgatorium_log and the main community.

[new arrivals]

Okay, guys. Things are beginning to change; the first change you're going to notice is that the temples Hera left are mostly gone, except for one temple of white stone in the east.

It's gotten a biiiiit bigger, and there is a statue in the front of a woman holding a jar, continuously pouring water. It's clean water and is there for drinking; however, depending on your progress, you might or might not want to. Those who are living basically good lives will find it tastes sweet and clear and cold; for those who are not, however, it is bitter and kind of mucky-warm. It will keep you from dying of thirst, but it tastes terrible.

Within the temple, incense still burns, though it is less thick and heady than it was. There is an altar for prayer and offerings, surrounded by out-of-season flowers; those who leave offerings or heartfelt prayers (to whomever they wish; the god to which this temple is consecrated is all-purpose and will pass on wishes to other gods) and reasonable requests for things other than food and the like may find their request when they return home, if they have been good enough. If not, however, there'll be nothing but a small flower.

Tending the altar is Alma, who has forgone normal clothing for simple dark blue robes; she is friendly as always, but your characters (particularly those who know her somewhat), will notice she is kind of distracted, as if she is hearing someone's instructions. Whose, she can't say.

More importantly, characters may, for the next week, hear snippets of song in the air; it's familiar, though different for everyone. Anyone who is psychically inclined or spiritual may feel a tinge of sadness and an overwhelming feeling of love, as if they are being looked upon by a loving parent who just wants to see their child on the right path. The song is strongest in the temple and in the Church.

For the cold weather, anyone is welcome to take shelter in the Temple for up to a week; it isn't particularly comfortable, as it's made of stone, but it's warm. And from here out, any new characters will spawn within the temple, where Alma will explain the basics of Purgatorium to them. They have a week to find housing; if they drag on longer than that week, they will find that though they are tired, they will be unable to sleep at all in the temple. Once two weeks have passed, they'll find they can't enter at all past sundown. This will last for two weeks before they can enter again.

This is also the post wherein characters will make requests; please remember that if they are not reasonable, they will not be honored. Be sure to write your prayer/offering in-character.

Also, your characters will be told to come here after a month for their powers to be unlocked and upper level to be accessible. Bad behavior will result in locking-out of first the upper level and then the powers; there will be no warning.

[Plot] [Sour Times] Afterevents

Right, now, about the after-effects and the state of Purg. (I thought I posted this yesterday; apparently, I spaced out and never hit post. Doh). I apologise! Anyway:

Environment - changesCollapse )

The FAQ and all lists have been updated; if you see any screw ups or have any questions or comments, please do leave them here and I'll get right back to them.

Thanks a lot. Have a good Holiday, all of you. :)

[Plot] [Sour Times] [End part two] Redeemer

Okay, everyone should have gotten in their chance to go through the trials if they were interested, so let's start finishing this thing. We're almost done; there will be only be some final wrapping up and exp events after this one! Beginning tomorrow morning, the fortress will no longer be open; if you're already inside, you'll have enough time to finish (or die) before your character's sent home. It will snow overnight (normal snow, not sulphurous), but there will be a lovely patch of Easter lilies growing outside the fortresses, mixed in with Amaranth. The ground feels strangely warm here. You can eat it (it's used for such a purpose in many places), but it will make you mildly sick.

Meanwhile, at the base of the clock tower, where it was blocked off before, a gate has appeared. The gate is made of silver and is studded with the seven jewels that were in the handles of the keys. Attempts to deface it will cause painful, debilitating muscle cramps. It will remain permanently in its place after the event but can only be opened at specified certain times and only by characters who have earned keys. (There will be future events in which your character can earn one, if you didn't get one during this event).

The following is inscribed over it: 'From here, the only return will be by the falling back on old sins.' The inscription will appear to be written in a character's native language.

In the middle of the gate is a large keyhole, accented with diamonds. Characters who completed the trials will be able to use the key they brought away to unlock the door.

For those with Keys!Collapse )

For the rest, Famine details.Collapse )

There's only a little more before we segue into laboratory's plot events. Let's hang in there and have fun. I hope everyone's Holiday (whichever you celebrate) is going grand! (And that you all did well on Finals, for those that had 'em).

At the end of the event, the FAQ and information will be updated to reflect all of this as well as a text map if nothing more - so if you have any other questions you feel should also be listed, please feel free to leave them here. :) (And any other questions, of course). We'll also be making a list of people with keys and putting it on the upper-level page, so please comment there if your characters earned the key.


Hey there, you all. This is your friendly neighbourhood Activity Check, with a formidable (!) list of people who need to update within the week or risk removal.

Just a reminder of the basic rules of Activity Checks:

- If you're on the check, you can't pick up another character until after the next activity check, pending that you're not on the latter.

- If you're removed from this check due to inactivity, you can't apply for that same character for two weeks (or at all). This gives other people a chance.

- The Hiatus Post is here. If nothing was posted either there or in your character journal [even just the word "hiatus" would do], then I don't see it.

- If you drop, going to the taken characters/friend add&remove post ensures that you won't be put on an activity check.

I've gone back and looked at all of the journals, and if you haven't posted since the beginning of the month, and you aren't on hiatus right now, you've been put on. If anyone feels they've been put on this list in error, link me to an entry that proves I've mistakenly put you on here, and I'll take you off, no harm no foul.

AND A REMINDER: PLEASE update your hiatuses if you're going to be longer than what you've specified. I'm keeping everyone within a week of hiatus on this time, because of finals, but further than that and you're on the list.

With that, let's get down to business!


On another note, Suu (persephonics) will now be helping out around the community to keep everything updated and running smoothly. Thanks, Suu!

[Plot] [Sour Times] [End part one] Trials

Hey, guys. While some of you are unfortunately on hiatus, there should be plenty of time between now and the end for everyone to have a chance to participate. :) This is kind of long, but do read it all.

First of all: Please remember to friend mastermephisto as well as purgatory_voice if you haven't already.

Things are coming to a head within Purgatorium, as it were. All characters who are participating in this plot will wake tomorrow morning to realise that they're covered in sores and bruises; attempting to ease the pain of these wounds will only make it worse. They will also find themselves inexplicably drawn to the fortresses on the lower level.

Plot information under here, please read.Collapse )

The entire trial should take about four days to complete, for a character with seven sins; there are several terminals inside the trials with which they'll be able to post, but any attempt to indicate where, exactly, they are will result in malfunction. For each sin less than this, subtract half of a half day (twelve hours). It may take longer, depending on a character's petulance. If a character is stuck in a trial for more than fourteen hours, they will die and lose a memory. Please keep this in mind when participating if a character is likely not to make a real attempt to atone. They will also be stricken with, aside from aforementioned burning sensation, the Mephisto effects of their respective sins and will have the word 'unrepentant' written across their forehead.

For everyone, it's raining again, quite furiously; on the top level, the soil is turning into a reddish muck. There's no thunder, but there may be sleet and hail; watch for falling chunks of ice (ouch).

The aforementioned children, who are a creation of Purgatorium and are called Masters, are now roaming around with the same frequency of occurrence as the Mephisto. When first spotted, they will appear as they did before (e.g., children with the same hair and eyes as the viewer) before transforming into a childish version of the victim of a character's Sins, at which point they disappear and leave behind a faint smell of rot.

There are also small earthquakes in increasing frequency; you may also hear a whisper from under the ground, though you cannot make out what it says.

Simultaneously, it's possible to spy the Goddess Hera herself sitting on the top of the clock tower; as you might have noticed, she's been quite silent, something that isn't about to change. She has an ethereal bearing, a heavy build, draping robes, and a long veiling; she's holding a sceptre. Looking upon her, she will unmistakably be the new watcher of Purgatorium, even if a character would not recognise a representation of Hera. She will not react to anything; she will simply gaze down on the world with a displeased expression.

You're free to begin however you'd like after Midnight, Central Time. Any and all questions should be directed to whomever is around at the time; all feedback is more than welcomed. Thanks a lot, guys!

Once you've been paired up, the memberlist is here for reference.
Hi, guys. We're moving towards the finale of the plot at last, but it won't be happening until after Thanksgiving - some people have family, and some people will be busy or otherwise away (Such as Miyu, who will be in Missouri the day of and the day after), and there's not really enough time between now and then to give everyone ample time to react fully and whatnot.

In the meantime, click me!Collapse )

As always, all of this is opt-in and completely non-compulsory! All comments and questions should be directed towards whichever one of us is around at the time.